Political Correctness Needs To Corrected AS Well

Imagine a woman clinging to a hood of a car, and her ex is driving the car on a highway, and swerving 90 miles an hour! Yet when driver is a woman PC police bash a man. It couldn’t be that woman is trying to kill a man in a broad day light in front on everyone on a highway! This is why Political Correctness & Liberal are our enemies. This is also way female attempted killers get away with terrorizing their male victim.

Junior Francis of Miami, Florida lives with his ghetto girlfriend Patresha Isidore. Mr. idiot try to stop mother of his kid by jump on top of the car, and she decided to drive the car straight into the highway. While mother was trying to kill her boyfriend, their five year old daughter was left unattended.

The saddest thing is that none of the highway driver called 911, and report this horrific incident. They took the picture, and when some of the saw him using a cellphone, and assume he is chatting while clinging to a hood of a car heading 90 miles an hours! If it was a women, you can be damn sure damsel in distress would be getting every drivers help! Also the driver would be locked up for life.

In her case idiot victim decided not to press charges. Like most men he prefer to handle thing “manly” way. They will go back to fighting in front of their kid. Naturally, their little girl would act like her mom, or worst ended with some bad boy and get beaten up while on drug.

As for the rest of us. This story is a perfect reminder who we boycott marriages & livein relationship. Avoid them like a plague!


Florida Man Captured on Video Clinging to Hood of Speeding Car Speaks Out 

Video captures another man clinging to the hood of a speeding car on I-95

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