Rudy Giuliani: a Man, Is ‘Disposable

By this time most of you ought to know that our government is pro-feminist. This was wonderfully revealed by our president’s lawyer; Rudy Giuliani. He stated; Kushner is a man, and therefore “disposable”. To him this is “okay”. In fact this is the way it should be!

Man’s rights were promoting Trump as a hero of Man. Even newly joined MGTOW consider Trump a hero, and bashed rest of us who objected to his rise as a leader. Question him, or opposing him was consider heresy. Go figure.

Luckily Giuliani has perfectly demonstrated how evil conservatives are just as poisonous as liberals. Let’s stop the political dichotomy, and free ourselves.

We’re men, and we must go our own way, not Trump way, or Republican way!


Rudy Giuliani Says Jared Kushner, a Man, Is ‘Disposable’


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