Sorry, It’s a Boy!


Americans Might No Longer Prefer Sons Over Daughters; gloats Fake New York Times. It was quietly reported today that many family prefer girls over a boy! Unless, you live a USA, or even Canada you may not have seen ads like above. Male hating billboards are installed all over US & Canada. Make sense if you think about it. Most single man prefer driving, and taking long trip. This is feminist way of harssing them without getting into harms way!

Similar ads are also being played all over the television — which is why most you guys should not have television in the first place. Stick to Internet! They are directed towards male audience. You can’t skip them if you love Super Bowl, and other male favorite program, including news.


Those of you who missed it. Man hating ad was played during Super Bowl T-Mobile. Silverman is handing new-born baby to the mother, with the father standing nearby, and after saying to them, “Sounds great from my underground delivery room,” she says to the mother, “Sorry, it’s a boy.” Mrs.  Silverman aka Troll carry on to say ““Males” are more than happy to call misandry while totally overlooking what #EverdaySexism really looks like”

Even traditionalist & conservatives decided to weigh in and blast the ad.

“But commercials like this one show that the time has more than come. There is no excuse for nonchalantly putting boys down that way. As the father of three sons and the grandfather of four grandsons, I find it especially outrageous. But we should all be outraged.”

Then quickly start posting their pictures on Instagram showing that they were doing laundry, washing dishes, and vacuuming carpets!

Most normal parents love their children doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl. Debating people who make these trolling ads is a waste of time. However, the effect these nasty advertisement doing to our society is devastating. Luckily, our form of protest is having some strong affect.

Let’s help other men to see these facts, and encourage them to boycott marriage, and live in relationship.


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