Single Mother vs Children


Fake NY Times finally admitted that “It takes a village to raise a child”  because mother will always screw up her own child. Cosmopolitan in cahoots with fake media have always promoted the idea that mother makes better of the two parents. That is why liberal and traditionalist judges have always handed over children custody to a mother after divorce. Than same mother that demands that she also gets money for baby-sitter so she can spend more time on clubs, and bars! Recent vblog on Fake NYTimes has debunked their own lies.

Aptly called “The World Was Hers. Then She Became a Mom.” has exposed an ongoing lies and hypocrisy permeating in our pro-feminist culture. Here is another irony, Fake NY-Times is also telling us that once a woman has a child, her value goes down like the current stock market. After all how many single men are willing to date a woman whose schedule revolve around her baby sitter? Indeed, world used to pump and dump her, and now no one would even spit on her!


Even the title picture of the article tacitly telling us “Men! You’re better off banging a barn yard window, beside getting wet you ain’t getting press”. No wonder Bill Maher a neocon liberal and a closet white supremacist don’t wanna marry either. Living on California may have something to do with it.


Black community has the largest and the fastest rising demographic of single mothers. Vast majority criminals are also coming out of black community. Here comes the shock, they are all raised by single mothers! Liberals, and Cuckservatives/Traditionalist always blame “black men”. But in reality, black men are fed up, and that is why they are dating white women, hence you see their successful  mulatto offspring doing much better like Obama.

How about white single mothers? Opioid epidemic is pretty much among white teenagers raised by single mothers as well. These kids were put on drugs when their mothers divorced their husbands, and couldn’t take it when kids were screaming and shouting for attention. These soccer moms went to the doctor, and got their kids prescribe to mood prescription drugs. But don’t take my word for it go to CDC and see it yourself.

While their black counter part are engaged in other destructive activities like becoming car jacker, thief, and a rapper. All of them are raised by single mothers. Yes, it’s possbile to find to young men with successful career, but that’s like canary in the coal mine. And just like their mother, girls raised by their single mom also becomes sinlge mom, and cycle starts all over again. The exception to the rule does not invalidate the rule.

Slowly but surly women are admitting that children are the burden.

It’s not a new phenomenon. This has been going on for years. Prior of “nuclear family” we used to live in a multi-generation families hence the popular adage “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Our answer to all of these “crisis” are simple. Don’t get married, and if you did have a child with a woman, be part of your child’s life, and don’t make the same mistake again.

Single life is a beautiful life.

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