Josef Fritzl & Roy Moore


Documentary about Joseph Fritzl focus on numerous things in West. However, one thing that has always been gloss over is — he was raised by single mother. Also Fritzl behavior is very much like traditional conservative like Roy Moore. Both have a thing for young girls. Although, Fritzl jailed his daughter for 28 years. Roy Moore was kept an eye on his future wife when she as young as 15 years old. “Roy Moore admits his wife, who is 14 years his junior, first caught his eye ‘when she was just FIFTEEN and performing in a junior college dance recital’

What interest us as MGTOW into their life is an obvious fact media would deliberately ignore. Joseph Fritzl & Roy Moore were raised by single mothers. Frizl mother was insane woman. Similar pathway follow for Roy Moore when his father died in 1967. Rape happy conservative saw how older men were spending money on his mommy. Hence Mr. Pervert learn to to behave like what he saw around his lunatic mother.

Those of you who may not remember. Joseph Fritzl was the nutter who jailed his daughter for 28 years in the basement, and seven made children with her (doesn’t that sound very conservatives like Roy Moore)?” Not surprising this town used to be popular among middle-class german women bullying their husband to move-in and driving for hours to works. Women are attractive to bad boys like bees to honey.

Everything he learned to do with his family was thought to him by his insane mother single. Austrian court decision to hand over kids to mother, least next generation turn into Nazi. Even when his imprison his daughter and repeated rapped her, this is exactly how Joseph mom behave toward him (including demanding force sex from her son), and her getting stuck in concentration camp during WWII can’t be justified. Why would you tortured your own kids the way Nazi were treating you?

But I suggest that you watch this bias documentary, and see why vast majority of people consider media fake, and bias towards reality, and facts.


Wiki: Joseph Fritzl Case

Roy Moore says he first noticed his wife when she was 15 or 16 years old




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