When Men Are Victims

Flood of sexual accusation have also brought predatory behavior of male & female actors/directors towards male victims.

Kevin Spacy’s has been chasing boys, and young men forcing his victims for sexual favors.

An excellent article sadly written by a feminist reveals sad state of males in western world. Title of the article “Kevin Spacey’s alleged abuse shows why men rarely report sexual assault” pretty much reveals how male actors, and even boys are told to “man up” and don’t cry when perverts are molesting them.

Hatred towards males victim has reach its zenith. Now fake media & unhappy pro feminist journalists are using deceptive titles for their article so it sounds as if Kevin Spacy and others like were targeting women.

For example : Look at the title of following article.

What are the Kevin Spacey allegations and who has accused him so far?

The Sun · 1 day ago

Westminster sexual misconduct allegations: the MPs accused so far

The Guardian · 22 hours ago

This is was done on purpose. Fake media wanted to make sure that an average joewould assume that listed pervert were only abusing women. Just think about it  most readers would not bother clicking on an article or even read the content from of this disgusting story.

Never mind that all these stories have shown that there are more male victims in Hollywood pits than women.

As usual fake media is always bias and report news in worst way possible.

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