MGTOW Movie Review: What’s Your Number



This is movie brings an interesting point to light that most women do not like to talk about.

Self Objectification. Main Character realizes that she has slept with 19 guys. She feels sorry for herself because of the guys she dump were “marriage material”. It was she who was too superficial, and therefore dump them for numerous idiotic reason.

One of her friends reminds her that Men Age “Well” as they are older.

whatnumberIsn’t it funny that when we MGTOW say that we are called misogynists. But of course it’s true. The reason why women become less and less desirable with age is simple biology. Women can not have kids after certain age, and no successful man would go after them. Just as most women would not date fat guy who has a $10/hr ago. It’s simple economic.

Like it or not the reason most “arrange marriages” survives in India is because they are base on wealth of a man, and history of a woman. Girls parents search for that perfect man she can live with, and boys parents look for a girl whose family has a respectable background — another words no single mothers, and even widows (which is code word made it with a boyfriend).

Let’s not forget it’s women who tart themselves up to find a new guy. It wasn’t men who order them to buy shoes, clothes, and handbags. Also all these “breast enhancement” surgeries. When some male politician objects to it. He is told “My body My Choice”. Never mind the long term conquence of their action. Similar issues with birth contorl pills, horrific impact on environment.

Women do this to themselves.

People will treat you the way you present yourself.

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