Lose My Mumber

Recently I was reminded why I deleted phone number of unwanted people. When I received a text message from an old acquaintance. I told him “Please lose my number and don’t ever contact me again.” With some people you have to nip in the bud otherwise it will turn into a long good-bye that will never end. This is why MGTOW is very beneficial to Men.

Joining MGTOW community I purged  my phone, computer, etc of all the unwanted people from my life. I wanted a clean slate in my life. I didn’t want to carry baggage in my life. Therefore, looking at phone number of unwanted jerks  you’re only holding yourself back.

Let it go. Remember you already have enough on your back, and don’t need more salt on your wounds. We are human beings, we feel things, and that’s why we are distraught when other don’t appreciate us, or don’t take time our off their life to treat us as we have treated them.

Fuck them.

If they ever call you it is only to snoop in your life just tell them to buzz off. You can tell what they are asking as oppose to what they are saying. When they say “How are you?” they means “tell us all the horrible things in your life”.

Recent text message from low life traditionalist only multiply my detest for conservatives. He is one of those scumbag who think that their shit doesn’t stink. He became part of my social circle through my ex-wife. We were one those couples hanging out in weekend.

In case you are wondering why didn’t I just socialize with my friends, or exs? It’s because most of them are divorce, getting divorce, or don’t want to get married. Last group are my homeboys.

Her friends are of course still looking for Mr. Right, or trying get info on their ex who got married or don’t give a frak about her. Isn’t it just amazing after all the advance in “women right” they are still looking for someone to takecare of them on their old age.. Worst yet bullying me to fix them with my friends. Girls like these you don’t even wanna share this planet with them.

When he connected me this weekend I told him to buzz of I though it would be the end of it. When I went to see my family in Canada I learned that this loser contacted my family and complained about my behaviour.

My mom G-D bless her asked him don’t you have a family of your own? Why are you not not with your family on thanksgiving? Life is too short to carry unnecessary burden. There is a reason why our eyes in front of our head not at back. That’s why we should keep going forward and don’t look back.

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