MGTOW News: Fall of Harvey Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein scandal is a perfect remeinder for MGTOW community that fame of a dead man’s deeds is what people remember about deceased not how many kids he brought into this world. Nikola Tesla did not have any kids. Yet we remember him because of his work.

It’s a shame that these rich powerful men think they are beyond touch. Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, and our current lunatic President Donald Trump. They worship women, and they think that their wealth, and power will keep them above water.

Harvey Weinstein wasn’t just any guy. In a way he was the king of Hollywood. The picture you are looking at was taken in 2004. In 2004, Weinstein was appointed an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his contributions to the British film industry (the award being “honorary” because he is a citizen of the United States). 

This is not the first time British Queen has appointed professional perverts. Just read Westminster paedophile dossier.  The second picture was taken in white house garden, Bill Clinton personally invited him. Everyone wanted to be his friend.

Here is how fake media portrayed him prior to his scandal:

“Harvey Weinstein does not look like one of the most influential figures in Hollywood. With the trouser legs of his ill-fitting black suit riding up, and the collar of his white shirt a crumpled mess, it’s hard to believe that this man has managed to bestride the global film industry like a Colossus for three decades.”

As you can imagine this guy had it all. He could have anything he wanted in his life. He was popular, he was rich, and the most influential guy in western world, government bowed to him. He could drive to White House in the middle of night, and they would wakeup the President for him. We are talking about a man who picked men behind the scene for political power. Unlike Bill O’Reilly he certainly no fringe man, he is a real Jew’s Jew, right at the core of American power.

Media used to go out of their way to protect his behavior. On February 6, 2000, when he contracted a sexually transmitted diseases. New York Time reported it like this:

“In fact, Mr. Weinstein was in a New York hospital under another name, fighting a bacterial infection that erupted during a trip to St. Barts last month. Miramax inflamed speculation about Mr. Weinstein’s condition by declining to reveal the name of the hospital or the exact nature of his condition, and rumors piled atop rumors until Mr. Weinstein in absentia was almost as dominant at this year’s festival as he had been in the flesh in previous years.”

Like most rich powerful men he was traditional. Traditionalist don’t like changes. So he kept doing what he has been doing. He married his second wife Georgina Chapman. He did not learn from his first marriage. Not even when he had to pay her undisclosed amount of alimony + 23 million dollar NYC apartment! He just kept doing what he has been doing.

He was a left leaning traditionalist. He may not demand women go and cook for him. He like Bill O’Reilly would do the weirdest thing with women — “watch me take shower (which means give me BJ while I wash you with golden shower). In his case women would hope for a second round, and that they will be invited again. He did what most rich and powerful man do “pump them and dump them”.

After getting divorce from his first wife. He start having fun with girls, and they loved it. However, he decided to “settle down” again! And this time girls had him by the ball. His 2nd wife who is 15 years younger kept an eye on him. She knew more about his tech devices than he ever did. So it was not surprising that he was getting blackmail from girls, and even men.

Writings were on the wall. Even an average Joe start attacking him.  “Harvey Weinstein extortionist sentenced to seven years

“A former actor has been given a seven-year jail sentence after being found guilty of a plot to extort large sums of money from a string of high net worth individuals, including film producers Harvey Weinstein and Ryan Kavanaugh.”

Loon who threatened his family wasn’t alone. There were many women who would knock on his door (leave it on fake media to boycott the real news).

But, he was too intoxicated to see it hence the current scandals. Ashes! Ashes! Even great men fall down.

This is why it’s important thing is to leave a legacy behind that will shine through eons.

Married men may live longer, but they live a miserable life.


Harvey Weinstein Is Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports

Harvey Weinstein Biography


One thought on “MGTOW News: Fall of Harvey Weinstein

  1. Saw this comment on another MGTOW board.

    I used to work in an “entertainment” field myself. I have been on the inside and know full well how flirtatious & sexually flagrant women really are – and what colossal liars they are.

    In fact, I sat across from one – who I actually liked! — at a sushi restaurant in the mid 90s . She was all pleased with herself and told me a secret™ about how she had a 3-way with 2 guys who were my peers. At her place, too. She told me everything about how she was such a naughty girl, was all giddy about it, and told me to not to tell anybody. I never did.

    . . . fast forward to 2011 . . .

    I meet up with some old peers and THAT GIRL joins us for some drinks to shoot the s~~~ over old times. Once a gorgeous girl (model and “actress”), now 37, unmarried, no kids, no prospects, fat and hit the wall.

    She talks about one of those guys like she HATES him and said it out loud. Right in front of me, then she started to tell her story about how she was a “victim” and she was “raped”.

    I let her have it – and I showed no mercy. In front of 6 people who were there. And I reminded her of the story she told me nearly 20 years prior. Where we were sitting. What restaurant it was. And what direction she was facing (north) when she told me.

    “Don’t you DARE pretend you were a victim of that in front of ME”.
    And then I reminded her of everything.

    She went red in the face and suddenly become completely catatonic.

    I wouldn’t take a woman’s word at face value on this for all the tea in China. And I can give you a hundred excellent reasons why.


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