MGTOW in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a former Soviet Union Republican located in Central Asia. After the fall of USSR, their economy went downhill.

Like most Asian country Men in this Islamic republic men are “expected” to take care of their family. Marriage pressure is so high that they are forced to get married even when they can not take care of themselves. Pressure is mostly done by women.

Newly wedded wife spends time over the smart phone, or just watching TV and then demands that her husband gives her the lifestyle she sees on TV & Films.


What kind of a misogynist would divorce this woman through text message!

Being a Ex-Soviet republic, most men are able to find better job in Russia. Where they learn about freedom, and choices. Most of these Muslim men abandon their idiotic matriarchal society by texting their wives that they are divorcing them.

Those of us who have dealt with lawyers, I can tell you there is no sham in getting away and just texting the end of your relationship notice. Just change your phone number afterword, and don’t ever look back.

Using modern technology Tajiki men are divorcing their wives when they are in Russia. These men are not willing to share their hard earn money with a women who wants to show off her neighbour newly Made in China junk she bought. Men are simply moving on with their life.

Do note that media try to tell us that these women can’t find another men. Why the hell can’t these women get a job on their own? They can leave for Russia just like their men and improve their life.

Imagine how many Russian companies would like to hire an exotic “administrator” in their office.

I bet even President Putin will love to parade “diversity” in his country.

chained .png

Did you read that bit. Imagine if you are married to an abusive women like I was. You expect me to stand in front of her and say “divorce” three-time — an Islamic requirement for permanent separation.

Also, the absurd claim that “Islamic Law” doesn’t mention divorce by text messaging and telephone. How about computers, or television. I havn’t read Quran, but I can safely bet that technology ain’t mention there either…

I can easily find innumerable examples to debunk this traditionalist mullahs.

Why demand Muslim men to stay in a loveless relationship?

What do you think will happen if you are forcing an unwanted person to take care of someone he hates.

Does it surprise anyone there is so much violence and “terrorism” in Muslim countries?

Tajik Muslims are very peaceful people therefore being polite society and not wanting to face society pressure. They simply go to Russia and work as a slave — imagine you hate someone so much that you are willing to live as a 2nd Class citizen. Just so you don’t have to see the face of your “soul mate”.

These men are not doing anything bad, they are not joining ISIS, nor they are beating their wives. They just want divorce because they are sick and tired of taking care of an adult who wants to be treated like a princess!

Can you imagine if an Islamic leader start shamming women for wanting divorce?

Yet men are forced to live with in an unhappy relationship.

Imagine working 60 hours a week, and your wife text you demanding new iPhone, or 60inch HD like the neighbour has.

When are you going to take me to that “special” vacation?

I bet you are giving all your money to your mom!

Don’t have money for new iPhone, and you call yourself a man!

I should’ve married a begger, at least he is willing to beg for his family!

And than there is non-stop insult of your father & mother who are old and have to hear your wife scream and shout everyday.

Watch this video and you will notice men are being shamed for “abandoning” their wives. Mullahs and Politicians are shamming Men for running away from toxic relationship.

If a men wants to terminate his relationship. Who the hell are these traditionalists to force him to be in a loveless, and a violent marriage.

Liberals & Traditionalist reminds us of Women beating Islamic Culture. Yet here is a perfect example of  how feminist use a big lie technique.

Trump is right you know: our media is fake!

Doens’t media bash Arab men about forcing women to be in a loveless marriage?

Saudi recently allowed women to drive a car — yet they are shamed even more for “taking so long”. What’s that saying? You can’t never please a woman?

Truth of the matter is Saudi women are too lazy to drive in heat.

Obesity and fat distribution in women from Saudi Arabia

They prefer their husband to drive them back and forth after 12 hours shift so she can use “safe” washroom, place to buy “women monthly products” etc, and then the shopping mall.

Yes, that’s what you want to do watch your big fat wife doling out your money after long day shift. Isn’t funny that first thing ISIS did was stop women from shopping in the mall?? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

So why is fake media shamming men for who don’t want to share their hard earn money with lazy wives? Society is changing, men from all over the world don’t want to be in a chained relationship.

If these Muslim women are unhappy because their men have abandon them. I suggest they stop depending on their men and emulate the lifestyle of western women. Go out and work, and earn your own damn money.

Stop looking at men as a walking ATM, and a utility.

As for my Tajik brother.

Welcome to MGTOW, life it’s only going get sweeter from now on.

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