MGTOW: Debunking 11 Lies

Fake Media love pumping lies as yet proven again by recent article: “11 Lessons Learned While Looking For Love After 40“.

Let’s debunk it.

1. You’re not unlucky in love, you’re just on a different timetable.

You spent your youth “timetable” chasing around “bad boys”, now you passed your prime. Your “ticking clock” is like a man repellant. No man wants you now.

2. The number of relationships you’ve been in before 40 is not a status symbol.

History repeat itself. Same goes how you socialize in the past. If you were attracted to “fix a wrapper”. Well to do a man won’t be to your liking vice versa.

3. Take the dating advice offered by married friends—sometimes.

Why learn from a teacher how to write a letter when you can make a pen pal from a jail and write to your heart content.

4. Sometimes you just have to laugh about dating.

Laugh all you want, but in the end it is sad that in your 40s you are looking to start a family and kids, when in reality you should’ve have a family, and kids who are already in college.

5. Baggage isn’t a bad thing.

So will a 40 years old career women making 100K+ would be willing to marry a man who is divorce, and paying alimony?

6. Let go of the past.

Past has a funny way of biting us. Like a shadow onto itself it is always lingering around the corner. It will always show up when you are lest expecting.

7. There’s no shame in the bedroom.

40 years old “career women” who has all the money in the world. She want her partner to sexually satisfied her. Yet she is unwilling to show same consideration?

No wonder she is single.

8. Disregard labels and stereotypes about “still being single.”

If the shoe fit. Putting makeup don’t make you young. It only hide your withering age, and in the end when mask comes off all you are left with an unhappy reality that your single, and childless.1111

9. “You complete me” (not).

Welcome to MGTOW.

10. “Mr. Right” is not Mr. Perfect.

Neither are you ladies. If you were born “perfect” you would not be using “makeup/fakeup” to hide you age, make yourself look younger than you really are.

But let’s face it. When you truly mean is that older women can’t compete with younger women and as a result they are willing to marry anyone — even though they laugh and insult when they were sleeping around with “bad boys” and thought they are immortals.

11. Being alone is part of the journey.

Again welcome to our world. MGTOW where we embrace ourselves. Our body is our true soul’s mate.



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