Turnoff TV


After reviewing the movie The Space Between it downed on me all that I am als guilty of wasting time in front of TV. I realized that I do watch at least or two hours of TV. Struggling habbit I begining to control it.

According medical research”Inside The Human Brain: How Watching TV Changes Neural Pathways Versus Reading A Book“. Watch television is a very bad thing for kids. It also safe to assume that is equally bad for adults as well. In fact it is probably worst for us. Since most of us since in our late age our bodies are slowing doing.

Entire Article is worth reading. Keep in mind, it uses hair-splitting lawyer like language to confuse and befuddle the average Joe & Six Pack. However I will quote a paragraph which pretty much sum it up.

“A more recent study from 2015, published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, revealed watching too much TV could actually alter the composition of the human brain.  When researchers studied 276 children between the ages of 5 and 18, they discovered the more time spent in front of the TV, the thicker the frontal lobe region of their brains developed. It’s the same area that is known to lower language processing and communication, which researchers suspect is also why they had a lower verbal IQ. But that wasn’t all; the hypothalamus, septum, sensory motor region, and visual cortex were all enlarged — these are where emotional responses, arousal, aggression, and vision are processed.”

Notice that similar whine “think of the children”. Similar rhetorical devices are used to stop DNA test before allege father’s name is printed on the birth certificate. Female organizations (including lesbian), human rights, even Mens Right aka 2nd Wife Club (most of them have female chairman!) are stopping any DNA test done at birth of the kid. Traditionalist screamed “innocent until proven guilty” despite the fact vast majority of men don’t know that they are victim of paternity fraud until they file for divorce.

It’s Orwellian censorship at its best. Traditional (both conservatives & liberals) try to shame men with Communist style verbage “dont’ care about the pain of a newly mother giving birth!”.  There are no laws protecting the male victim. If man finds out his wife was cheating, and she made kids with someone else. He is still liable for life-time alimony, child-support, property-spilt, and even has to pay for her lawyers, and rental accommodation!

Like typical media. Article is trying to warn us about effect on kids mind. Unlike kids we the adult don’t go to school, or bother reading too many books at all. Knowing what exist in Main Stream Newspaper, Magazine, Orwellian approved western literature; one can hardly blame the public for wanting to contaminate their mind with written propaganda. However, message comes out clear: TV is dangerous for human being.

As I said I am also guilty of TV addiction. However, I had taken a step toward making my life freeing from media. I don’t have cable subscription. I also throw the TV in the garbage. Very few thing which I watched was news, and news commentary. Even that I am cutting down on it.

One can get the same theme from newspaper — preferable online, or from public library (I won’t even spend few cents over main stream newsaper, magazine, and books).

I suggest everyone does that same thing. TV, Cinema, and even Music is nothing put verbal, and visual pollution destroying us from the inside.

Let’s keep our body & mind healthy, and sane.

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