MGTOW Film Review: The Space Between

Like most movies coming from the north (Canada). This is yet another example of how far down our society has gone. This is a rare movie that truly reflect the life of the married couples in Canada. Those of you who are not familiar with Canadian style marriages. Perhaps you ought to watch what John Oliver discover about men & women of the brave north.

This is why Canadian need a free health care system!

In case you think I am streotyping our neighbour. Let me quote what Canadian film wirter/director Amy Jo Johnson has to say. In her inteview in Toronto Metro:

“Where did the idea for this story come from?

The idea was based on the first short film I did. It’s a moment in that movie that I decided to expand. All the stuff I write is loosely based on people I know and situations they’ve gone through.”

Did you read that bit “loosely base on people”.

That is why I included the John oliver youtube’s video. What many people don’t know is that vast majority of Canadian tourists in Cuba are looking for girls/women/ even young boys — virtually all of them (men & women) are married. I guess what else are they going to do in Snowy Land expect f#$@.

This is the summary on Wikipedia page:

“When a man discovers that his child is not his biologically, he goes looking for answers to his questions”

Believe me you don’t need to know more. However, those of you still curious here is more:

Mitch the pathetic main character found out that his wife Jackie was barfing with a 20 years old university student.  Jackie wanted to have a kid with a young man because her middle-age husband would not able able standup againt the man in his 20s. That’s why she deliberately picked a guy from a university.

In case her husband wanted a divorce because she was cheating. She has secure eitherway. This also increased her chance of getting a better child support from a young man who will be graduating from university and will have 100k+ job. Either way she will get a better deal if her husband divorce her. Also, when young man get a better this child can be used a knife because no single girl would want to marry a man with a child.

Her interview reveal lot more than the story itself. Two question at the end of the interview, and her answer tell us lot about which direction Canaddian society is heading (US is following this same pattern albiet bit slowly.

“What are you trying to say with this story that’s new?

Fertility panic from the male perspective is something we haven’t really seen. The story is Mitch’s journey to find acceptance in what his wife has done and be a father to this baby he loves dearly. The idea is that family doesn’t have to be what we think of as family. It’s really about acceptance and forgiveness. “

Feterility panic? No, his wife cheated on him. Can you imagine any husband telling his infertile wife, “baby I didn’t cheat that’s your “fertility panic”! You can safely bet your bottom dollar that such a man would  be called “misogynist”.

You’ve called this film “heartfelt.” How did you avoid sentimental, Hallmark territory?

I have a dark, dry sense of humour. That’s how I approach any writing. I’m a sap and I love heartfelt things. The humour takes away the sappiness.

Her answer to the last question is her Orwellian way of saying that she wants Canada to to outlaw DNA test without the permission of a wife & women. As it has been done in most European countries like France & UK. States like California women can just put anyone name on a birth certificate and that poor man trap for 18 years!

Sadly, in our own country we have people like Michael Sonmore. Story of a NYC resident who decided to become a male feminist (house-husband) thus freeing his wife to sleep with other men, and stay home to babysit his kids (although there is a high chance he ain’t the father). It’s not for nothing we are seeing more and more show cuckold genra. Another fine example is “House Husbands” an australian sitcom comedy where husband is a stay-at-home dad. As I said there are lot of people like Michael Sonmore in western world.

Writer & Director of this honest story is none other than a Canadian feminist Amy Jo Johnson.  She is known for her 90s series The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. She was the pink ranger in thissuper hero tv series.

As for the rest of us. There is another proof why staying single is a best and only choice.




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