Covfefe: Covering Up Federal Felony

I gotta say it’s hard not to pay attention to American Politics. Hell, it’s so much entertaining that I am only watching Political commentary + insane things coming out of political leaders.

Mr. Scary Mustache “Scaramouche” debating BBC journalists about healthcare ┬áby talking about burgers, and pizza. Seriously, international community is shocked by all of this. Yet loony train keep on chugging.

Amusing things around current administration when their own media makes fun of them. Such as NY Post Front Page


You gotta love Trump, and his insane employees. I would be very amuse if Trump gets elected again in 2020. Hell just for shit and giggle I might vote for him.

I think the best thing Trump can do of course is just quite his job, and go back to be a businessman. I am sure he enjoys being called a “Mr. President”. However, you can only go so far with this stupidity.

Hopefully, he will think about his own future, as well as his kids, and just retire and play golf, or whatever he think he should do. Perhaps, just stay bit longer to expose last remaining illusion surrounding republican party, but than just take long vacation.


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