Fake Media & False News

Recent article in New York Times sadly prove that Trump is right about media. Most writers in media have nasty attitude towards their readers. These journalist think that their shit doesn’t stink. This is why newspapers is a dying industry. Thank G-d. Hopefully rest of hollywood would also sink and die as well.


Take a look at the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph. The word “excoriated” doesn’t even make sense. First off of all , according to the dictionary excoriate means:


So what Trump is doing to Jeff Sessions would be considered harassment. However, picking sides between Trump & Sessions is like trying to vote which fox would guard the hens house best.

These journalists try to use $20 college words, and they think they succeeded into manipulate us with their lies. In the end they only display their arrogance, and stupidity. An amusing outburst by President Trump is not only unprofessional, but outright illegal. Trump’s tweets fall into bullying category.

This is why most of us are no longer spending our hard earn money on Newspaper, or even Cable Subscription. Media & Etertainment industry are trying to ban internet, or remove “copy right” material. They would prefer to have 80s style media. Even back than hollywood was suing VCR makers because they did not want people “recording” and “sharing” the conentes.

However, it doesn’t mean Jeff Session is a nice person. Those of you who may not remember this human garbage of a man wants total ban on “non-white” and therefore he wants “white men” to act like a “man”.

Another words strict laws against white men so white women will stay home and make lots of babies.  So his time in nursing home will be surrounded by white girls giving him blowjob as oppose to Filipina. He is the Bill O’Reilly of the Republican party.

Jeff Session supported nasty laws like California where lifetime alimony is impose, and he even went as far as to ban DNA test on kids to determine paternity fraud. Another words just like France & UK where men can be arrested if DNA is done without their wife permission.

Simply put it Jeff Sessions wants Western countries support Paternity Fraud. Rich powerful white men like himself can go around grabbing girls by their pussy, and rest of us work in fields, or clean his toilets. Dem are just as bad. What difference do you see between Donald Trump & Bill Clinton?

There isn’t any. They both worship women, and rest of us are told not to act like nasty arabs. If you question things like paternity fraud, alimony, and divorce laws. You are like nasty Muslims who chain women to a radiator.

I have said this before and I will say it again. Supporting Trump was a bad move. The idea that Trump can keep the country white was just as stupid, and just like Hitler we are seeing the result. Don’t fall into their divide and rule cobweb.

Both parties are our enemies. I mean think about it why the heck Jeff Sessions wants to impose liberals laws from California against hard-working white men of the south? Both parties are traditionalist. Another words they both want to throw men under the bus, or back to plantation.

Let’s not allow us to be divided again by these scumbag. We MGTOW should avoid acting like Men’s Right who now have women as their leaders! Bashing rest of us because we are boycotting marriages. Our aim is simple teaching fellow-men about marriage fraud, We don’t want to change laws, we simple don’t want to play the game, and rest of us should let the system fail on it own.


With Sessions, Trump Is Picking on the Wrong Guy

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