Marriages are like Kermit the Frog

Mr. Whitmire self deluded lunatic who portrayed Kermit for 27 years was fired from Disney. It was because he tried to tell the writers, and directors what Kermit ought say.  Perhaps working for 27 years in Disney he started to believe that Puppet can be a master.

For us as MGTOW his story illustrate an amusing fact that most men don’t want to face. Marriages are same way. Government and Wives make the rules, and they are enforced by court. If you try to go off script you will be penalized. If you insist, you will lose 1/2 of your property, may even end up paying lifetime alimony, and child-support even if kids are not yours.

Recent cry in Boston Globe ” Plug the loopholes in alimony reform” has this to say:

“A much-needed reform in 2011, the alimony and divorce laws in Massachusetts were among the most antiquated and unfair in the country. “

Article then insert a false & a lunatic idea that women are victim if men are not paying their hard earn money to women etc etc. If women are just as good as men then why do they need our money?

Just go out and make money just like rest of men. Later on in the article you see the link and the picture of a men who got screwed under newly reform divorce law.


As you can see marriage reform did not help men, it only made the situation worst. My answer to all of this is very simple. Don’t get married at all. No live in relationship, or any form of arrangement that will led you losing your hard earn money, time, and emotion.

Stay safe, and stay single.


Kermit the Frog Performer and Disney Spar Over an Ugly ‘Muppet’ Firing

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