Hillary Clinton & Trump’s Son Stupidity

While liberal pundits like Rachel Maddow are focusing on only one fact “email hack”, and “Russia”. It would behoves us to remember this entire mess was Democratic fault.

Remember Hillary Clinton was using private email server which was illegal, and then she made sure that only “immigrant” from “3rd world” countries were working so that she could blame non-white. Which is exactly what Debbie Wasserman did when her “Pakistani IT Technician” came to reset her password 2 in the morning.

Here is something amusing to remember about her Pakistani technician, he was here on a green-card, and now US Citizen. So, why do these scumbag liberals are still calling him an outsider. Using labels such as “Pakistani” is an indication that these white liberals don’t consider these non-white as “one of us”.

Here is what so ironic about all of this. African-American have been complaining that white liberals have been using them for votes. Democratic vehemently deny that and even attack these critics and call them racist. However, by their own action they are proving us that racism among white liberal do exist.

So it should not be a surprise to any of us that current scandal in Trump administration proves that there is a unbridgeable gap do difference between white liberals and rest of humanity.

They can scream from top of the roof that “Russia, russia, and more Russia” but in reality why did Hillary lost the election? Why?

Because emails from DNC shows that Hillary collusion with Debbie Wasserman to steal the election from Bernie Sanders.

They even admitted it in DNC lawsuit that we don’t have to respect public opinion…

Republican & Trump wanted win the election, and Democratic party wanted to lose the election which is why we have the mess we see about the administration.

Some of you are wondering why would Democratic party wanted to lose the election? Simple they will be under pressure from progressive, for single payer health care system like rest of the developed world has.

This is why so called current crisis was created by liberals who wanna sit behind the scene for next eight years, and when they come for reelection no one would demand total reform of the system such as free healthcare, free college education etc..




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