Howard Stern & MGTOW


October 25, 1999 Howard Stern announced his separation from his wife.

One hour into the show (skip around 57:00 mark). He tell us why she is dumping him.

His wife was unhappy that he “worked” too much. Remember he is a shock jock radio host. Where he has to come up with new theme, ideas, and stay interesting. This is how he made million of dollar.

She wanted him to “spend” time with her on Friday, and Weekends. Which means (being paraded around top notch shopping stores in Fifth Ave NYC, and other parts of States.

Did she ever consider that he need a time for him?

It amazing that she trained him to the point where he told everyone that “Howard Stern: Divorce ‘felt like such a failure

He also admit in this show that “Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy” don’t work. Of course he is still seeing a “therapist”.

He was a good provider, and shared everything with her. Yet, like stero typical wife she dump him after 20 years of marriage, and took 1/2 of everything he made while she sat home, or spend million of his hard earn money trying to make other women jealous.

What’s amazing is that he admitted he love being alone, and it’s hard for a women to get along with him (which is his way of admitting he can’t take their abuse).

Like a typical Tradcon he went back into plantation and got married again.




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