Debunking Modesty

Vaginal Industry has debunked traditionalist lies that women are modest. This trend that going on among women maybe new. conversation surrounding is as old as civilization.

There are group of ladies who held weekly meeting about Vagina. An average women spend $120 – $900 taking care of their golden uretus. This does not even include birth control.

Newly created genre is called Vaginal Skin Care.

This is just a small list of thing women are spending money on.

  • Vaginal Steaming
  • Fur Oil For Pubic Hair (WTF?)
  • Vajacial
  • Vaginal Douching
  • Vaginal Bleaching and Lightening
  • Colon Hydrotherapy

Things like this also debunk the fact there is modesty among women.

Emma Watson

“I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair,” she told the outlet. “It’s an amazing all-purpose product.”

Andrea Imafidon

Here is one mother told her daughter about her magic hole.

“I remember being in my pre-teen and teenage years, my mother would always keep it 100 about the sacredness of my vaginal. She said that my vagina was sacred and I need to protect and care for my vagina because it is very important for my health and womanhood.”

Corinne Olympios

“I’m lasered. It’s like, small and cute. There’s no weird things going on down there. I’ve seen some scary vaginas in my day…If you have a sterling silver vagine, that’s the worst.”

Say what you wanna say about women. I am always amazed that amount of money women are willing to waste.


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