Revisiting Bill O’Reilly

When we MGTOW try to explain that we are not a conservative movement, or liberal for that matter. We are hated by all sides even by those who are seriously concern about men’s right, and financial slavery due to divorce.

Just take a look at traditionalist fallen star. Bill O’Reilly was calling girls at home, and masturbating every time girl pick up the phone! When he  got really excited he would even leave voicemail messages  expressing his desire to sneak into their shower and stuff their vagina with a falafel.

Do you really think Bill O’Reilly want a “Christian” and “Moral” society. His inability to distinguish between a loofah and a falafel, or which one he should be using on a naked woman, had already became public knowledge in a lawsuit. But he is just one drop in a storm.

Still, I can never get my head around the amazing hypocrisy surrounding “tradcon” why would they defend a man who is destroying their party.

Whatever the reason might be, let’s keep our movement simple and clean.

MGTOW are not about “restoring marriages”, or bringing back pre 1950 style nuclear family. We are about freedom.

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