Trump Wall Becames Pie In The Sky

00_pieTrump told his followers that he will build a solar power wall over the southern border. He also added that Mexican will only pay fraction of the cost compare to a conventional wall. His argument would have made more sense if he explained everyone that American have been running the same gig with their northern neighbor.

We get free electricity from Canada, hell they even pay us for using it. Under a scheme called “electricity dumping” Canadian pay us for using their unwanted energy, our neighbor also pay for grid maintenance to tone of billion dollars. The only thing is missing are Latino workers repairing the electrical wires and than heading for kitchen and bringing us Pina Colada and Tacos.

Ontario paid $1 billion to dump excess electricity in 2013

US does not have electricity shortage at all so why does he even want waste on a project that has negative EROEI (energy return on energy investment)? Just like many of his insane ideas this will never turn into fruition. Best solution would have been to built cheap suburbs around the border, and offer cheap housing border guards, and people who buy and sell things around the border also rent or buy property, and big box stores like Target & Walmart open their business. But helping poor sound like a socialist scheme so that won’t fly with conservatives who also prefer illegal immigrant for farming and other blue color work.

It also means normalize relationship with non-white which red states would be totally against. Isn’t funny Soviet Union flag was red, and so is Republican Party’s Flag Color. Anyway, all kidding aside it’s seems conservatives voters are willing to waste even more money and time on a man who is destroying their very lives. But than again isn’t it true for all true believers.

Don’t forget these fundamentalist Christians elected a man whose daughter switch to another religion, and he changes wives like underwear.  One doesn’t need to go Middle-East to see religious extremism just watch our fellow Christians defending Trump.

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