Gotta Love Dem

An ongoing lawsuit against DNC for stealing the party election and handing over to Hillary just took a new twist.

Debbie Wasserman phone was used with voice changer for harassing anyone opposing Hillary Clinton, and for other nefarious purposes.

Evidence with call logs screenshot were submitted in court. So what excuse Democrats have?

“Her office was in renovation therefore she couldn’t have done it.”

Do they really expect us to believe this lie?

During Watergate Republican wiretape Dems phone, and made illegal photocopy of party’s internal documents. 

Again; do they really expect us to believe that Democrats have never secure their telephone after Watergate scandal?

It makes Russia hacking all the more suspicious.

Democratic lost the election because of Russian hack, but no in media is questioning as to why Democrats are so inept in securing their communication after Watergate scandal?

Ask yourself if someone broke into your home and stole your valuables would you act like DNC leaving your phone and other communications devices wide open for strangers? 

How can liberals secured our country, jobs and healtcare system, when they are unable to protect a single office from a thief?

It makes you wonder if they really wanted to win the election in the first place? Just think about it. Everyone knows that Trump is a buffoon, and having him as a president for next eight years will help Democrats. 

Perhaps dnc leaked the emails on purpose. Trump presidency will stop public demand for reform within Democratic party. Liberals are demanding free healtcare, and free education like most European countries. That’s the last thing leader within the party wanna do; help taxpayers.

Republican are getting tacit support from democrats to destroy Obama Care. Vast majority of the financial funding comes from pharmaceutical companies. Both parties needs money for elections, and extra zeros are added to their Swiss bank account.

DNC lawsuit now includes claim that someone in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office used voice changer  

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