Politics: The First Nincompoop

When most American jokingly called Bush President Nincompoop aka Bush 2.0. They don’t realized the very first idiot was Richard Nixon. Prior to him becoming the president, most Americans looked at their political system¬† with pride and arrogance. Watergate made made American realized how corrupt their own system was.

vietnam-war-protestThey stopped paying attention to “cold war”, and “communism”. They looked at the own system and compared it with Soviet Union. This is why there were so many protest in 60s & 70s about Vietnam war. No doubt very large number of them were fuel and finance by Russian. Just like current DNC email hack that change the outcome of election in 2017. Russian meddling in American internal affair change the opinion At the height of Vietnam war American were losing soldiers by the thousands — a figure not that different from current war on Islam/Terrorism.

Jeanette Rankin Brigade Protesting Vietnam War

Instead of wooing the opinion of the public Republican decided to divert the public’s attention by creating an artificial scandal around democratic party. Nixon and his ilks decided to burglarized DNC office located in Watergate building, made photocopies of the official documents, and also wire tape the phone calls as well. It’s ironic that Republican this time used Russian change the election outlook.

When information came out what Republican had done they went on to intimidate the fellow employees just Trump did to James Comey. Yet at the end it resulted in Nixon resigning from the office.¬† Will history repeat itself all over again? Perhaps, but don’t count on public to learn from the past, we are a creature of comfort, and we love to repeat out mistake rather learning from it.

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