Mistrial: Bill Cosby Case

Rape victim Andrea called Bill Cosby on valentine day. What kind of an idiot call her rapist on a valentine day? In my early 20s manager at coffee shop promoted me as a supervisor. Little did I know that my fellow coworkers whom I considered friends would start treating me differently. Things got worst when I had to suspend one of the employee. He accused me of using him as an example to establish my supervisory status.

I suspended him because every Friday he was taking off. So when he called me on Thursday evening because he could not come to work on Friday I told him to bring a doctor note next week. The guy was in his 40s, he was working the same establishment for a decade. Also, it did not help that I was a flaming liberal and an immigrant from South Africa, and he was conservative born and bred in US of A. He thought I would look the other like others. I cited regulations and he became enraged. He took the matter to human resources where I was I asked to present my reasoning.

This happened right around time I was studying for medical exam. For a weekly $500 dollar part-time job this was too much. Luckily my parents who had worked in managerial position prepare me for a sold case. It came a shock to him that human resource fired him. Thus establishing my domain on the store. In a way I was the Obama of the store – first non-white supervisor. I scored major points with the cashier who became my first girlfriend.

Once he was gone most of staff reestablish friendly relationship. But I gotta tell you, experience as bad as it was made me stronger I had better understanding of my own endurance and tolerance. When I joined the military I was far more prepare for a psychological training than most.

I was reminded of this when I was watching Cosby drama unfolding over the media. A blind actor with a dead son whose wife is still standing by him. Yet we hear nothing from his wife, or his daughters. All the witnesses kept relationship with him for years after they were allegedly rapped. Did you know he used his personal money to fund college tuition for poor black students.

There are lot of things in Main Stream Media which we ought to take with grain of salt. Like non of the big cable news network, or newspapers are covering DNC Lawsuit. Or, that DNC former leader was using her office phone to harass Bernie supporters. Than we have Republican party trying to pass new healthcare bill without letting us know what’s in the Bill.

Many of you probably forgotten by now that back in 90s Bill Cosby lost his son to a Russian mob.┬áSo when Bill Cosby was declared guilty by media. I wonder why it was. If you have read or heard the testimony of witness, Andrea admitted that she was calling and texting Bill Cosby multiple times. She is a 30 years old woman who lives with her parents, and went to jail multiple time for selling drugs. Before she accused Bill of rape she called a lawyer to “discuss” the matter, and did it in a foreign country — Canada.

When she came back to USA she continued to have sex with Bill, and sell drug to little kids around Canadian high school, and even kindergarten. This rape case helped her with citizenship in USA, as well as lots of money when she has been using for drugs. Later she start calling herself lesbian. Yet research shows she never had a lesbian partner in Canada. Only in USA she started dabbling in lesbian sex — and mostly she drug addicts like herself.

Worst yet, other witnesses are serial accusers. Meaning they have filled rape accusations against multiple other men. Yet reminding everyone that it is like bashing victims. We don’t know if Bill Cosby is a rapist, however, Andrea behavior is very bizarre, and not at all one would expect from a victim.



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