Don’t Pray for Steve Scalise

It’s hard not pray for someone who is sick, or who was shoot and wounded such as happened to Steve Scalise. However, we should not forget who this person is.

He once spoke in front of an audience of an European-American Unity and Rights Organization, a white supremacist group run by David Duke. David Duke beside being a full-blown white supremacist also went to jail for tax fraud. In 2003;

He was prosecuted under Bush administration, and was fined $10,000. You know he the type of dude even republican don’t want around — remember they elected Trump recently, or nincompoop Bush in 2000. So when Stevie boy admitted that he gave a speech in front a white supremacist and he did not know — he was outright lying.

Really, you didn’t know who David Duke is? Duke unsuccessfully ran for the Louisiana State Senate — the very same state you live and represents in congress. You can safely bet your bottom dollar he would have hung around ISIS, and other terrorist group if they had blonde hair, and blue eye. 

The irony of the whole thing is this extremist group is pro-gun, pro nazi and every other nasty personality you don’t want in your son-in-law. So it is pretty amusing to see he was shoot by a gunman whose freedom he has been fighting for in the first place.

When he is not hanging around with gun loving Nazi, he is fighting against Obama Health Care, or any type of plan that will provide free health care to poor people. Why call yourself a civilization, when you can’t be civil towards the poor and vulnerable of your community.

It is his policy that got him where he is today. Today he is suffering the same pain which he has inflicted among American because they are not white, or they are not rich.

So here is my prayer. I pray for those people who lost their healthcare thanks to rich republicans destroying Obama Care because it is promoted by non-white, or help non-white & poor, and I pray that G-d protect them and rest of us, keep us healthy.



David Duke Sentenced to 15 Months
Who is Steve Scalise, the congressman shot at a baseball practice?


One thought on “Don’t Pray for Steve Scalise

  1. Whether you accept this comment or not, it’s unacceptable to wish someone dead as a result of his/her political opinion. Whether you’re left or right, spur hateful words or don’t, Scalise is an American with a family. Absolutely disgraceful.

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