Deportation of Roberto


The Washington Post & MSM covered a story of Roberto being deported from USA. Funny thing about the whole drama is how main stream media covered it, or rather did not cover it.

Roberto’s wife Helen was also an immigrant and became US Citizen. One of the great thing about America is that if you are a non-us citizen, and married an American you will get your green-card, a final step towards becoming a us citizen.

Question we should be asking is how come he never applied for US citizenship? If he married an American all this idiot had to do was to go back to his hometown and let his wife fill all the legal documents and wait for a green-card to arrive. He even had four daughters with with an American citizen. This would have been very easy. Our government would prefer father pay taxes and take care of his kids, over mother going on a welfare.

It’s not for nothing our government enforces alimony, and child-support to help strong, and independent woman.

If government did not offered her husband citizenship she could have gone to ACLU, or some other feminist run organization and they would have forced citizenship agency to give this man an american citizen.

Roberto even managed to open a business in the state and even made connection with high ranking official yet some how never got his citizenship. Hell, why didn’t Obama administration offered him one?

Entire story is very strange. This is another indication why men should never get married. What the hack his wife was doing? She made four kids with him yet never bother to think what would happen if her husband got booted out of the country?

Yet we are told that these idiots support Republican party, and his wife even voted for Trump — the man who promised to kicked illegal immigrants out of the country. It’s almost sound like his wife was having a second thought about the husband.

Just think about it. Illegal immigrant married to a US citizen who didn’t help him get citizenship — a very easy process after marriage + kids. He lived here built a business here. Than his wife voted for anti immigrant party, and thanks to her he went to jail, and now back to the shit hole came from, and his wife all of his business, and her kids are old enough to take care of themselves.

Compare her story to anything Trump said over the twitter, are suppose to give her benefit of a doubt? Aren’t women suppose to be smart and good planner? If so how do these lib explain an immigrant women married an illegal and made him develop business and than vote for a part that would kick her hubby out.

Beats paying for lawyers, don’t you think?


Trump supporter regrets vote after undocumented husband is deported

TYT Roberto & Hen


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