Rapist Parental Right

Debbie Wasserman is a nasty woman and worst of her sex. She has been pushing to and “Parental Rapist Right” into the book.

Such thing used to fall into cmmon sense laws. Let’s say a woman was walking in middle of a night and she was rapped and as a result she ended up having a kid. There are no countries in the world who would grant her rapist fatherly right. Such restriction exist all over states as well.

So under this label what she is proposing is right for women who can accuse any man for rape. Say a married woman went to party with her friends, and got drunk and she ended up having sex with another men. As a result she ended up becoming pregnant and her husband found out that he is not the father.

So this women claims to be rapped and her one night night guy goes to jail. Her husband is forced to live with her because society will shun him if he abandon her. This is what her purpose law want to enforce. An ex-girlfriend can call the cops and claims to be rapped and her lover goes to jail and she get all the benefit welfare states provide and she can play victim card for being lazy, and stupid.

Think about it. If there was a unwanted sex between two parties outside clubs, and with a complete stranger what court would grant such a man right to see his kids. First of all he would be in jail for a very long time, and we are talking like ten years minimum. So why does Debbie wants to propose laws

Remember Debbie was DNC chairman and she was caught  rigging the election so Hillary Clinton could become Democratic leader and Bernie would lose despite the fact liberal voters wanted Bernie to be democratic leader. The fact she forced her selection over the will of the people makes her a rapist as well?

Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

This is why many of our fellow MGTOW lean towards Conservatives camps, not realizing they want to put us back into plantation as well.

This is why we MGTOW needs to reject both parties. Our message should be clear and straight forward boycott marriages, and no negotiation with women what’s so ever.

One thought on “Rapist Parental Right

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