Conservatives in Denial

There are too many things going on in politics that I would love to talk about. I don’t know if you guys remember but our community was  divided before, and even after the 2016 U.S. election.

There were those who were adamant that Trump is somehow pillar of our community — how a man with multiple marriages represent a mgtow community that boycott marriage is beyond me.

Men Rights went even further, they were attacking anyone who sounded liberal, or “socialist”. That means anyone who is not white, and who is a Jews. AVFM was the big player in this which is ironic considering their top two leaders are Jewish. Paul Elam a Jew even promoted racism against his own community. Not surprising considering their donation is his main source of income.

But conflict went much further than that. MGTOW supporter were Alt-Right (Pro-White/European/Nazi), or just plain old Men’s Right Bigot who would throw their own mother to the wolf for a vagina.  I mean these are men who think women place is in kitchen, and once feminist movement is crushed all the ladies will revert back to making sandwiches and giving men blow-job as per their bible commands.

But seriously, does anyone really think women will go back to pre-1950 era? I mean we feminist movement in Africa and Middle-East picking up steam, and as a result birthrate are falling pretty fast. Asian countries are on per with west when it comes to “women’s right etc.”

So what does present day Trump administration crisis tell us about our community?

MGTOW can not exist as a conservatives movement. Look at Men’s Right. They even have women representing men! Why call yourself Men’s Right when your top leaders are women? Also, why avoid the main issues like paternity fraud, and alimony. Couldn’t it be because your women’s leader pick and choose subject you are talk about?

Unlike Conservatives/Men’s Right MGTOW community must stay on its message — men should never get married. Marriage is a cancer to men’s freedom. Even if you find a good women — than both of you can stay at your own place, and continue the relationship.

Any legally binding relationship with men is a bad thing for a man. That’s our message, and we don’t care if you are liberal, or conservatives, or anything for that matter.

Personally, I am very much enjoying present day political mess — Lord Buckethead in uk got over 200 votes, and than we have our clown as a president. C’mon republican you can’t be that naive, and ignorant. Don’t you see you hand pick leader is a joke.

If president Obama had hired his family in the white house Conservatives would have scream from top of their lung and cites laws left and right. Now, they are dead quite, or just reminding us of Clinton Monica — never mind that it’s more like Water Gate 2.0!

No matter what side of political arena you stand you have to realize that this community needs to stand on its own. Both political parties are our enemies just as Men’s right are our enemies.

Let’s enjoy the chaos as we pave the way for further generation of boy & men stay clear from marriage prison.

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