Howard Stern Traditionalist in Disguise


Howard’s limo driver Ronnie decided to propose to his girlfriend, and he decided to do it over the radio TV show.

Ronnie is in his 60s, and Stephanie is 35 years old woman.

Even as a Limo driver Ronnie has been able to save money to retire in few years. Therefore he does not want to spend money on a one big celebration and work for next ten years.

How does his respond to reasonable feeling?

She is pushing him to be married in Manhattan area — the top most expensive area in New York City — and quite possible in all 50 states.

Don’t take my word for it. Read what they have to say for themselves

“The issue that we uncovered was, it’s not that Ronnie doesn’t want to get married in front of people, it’s the financial aspect of it. Ronnie does not want to spend the money on a large-scale celebration,” Jon explained.

Stephanie confirmed that while she is pushing for a venue in Manhattan or Brooklyn with a guest list of 200 people, Ronnie’s idea is to just go down to city hall.”

But it gets better. His 35 years woman trophy wife is a selfish person who does not care about his feeling. Whenever she gets the urge to cook something she will make so much mess as if bomb went off in the kitchen.

“The disagreement over wedding planning wasn’t the only one Leiberman uncovered, either. He observed a resentment from Ronnie over the fact that Stephanie doesn’t cook and clean more. “Ronnie is steadfast in his belief that Stephanie should work less and be home more,” Jon told Howard.”

In all fairness the only reason Ronnie wanted a women half of his is for sex, and show her around his friends and family members. Also the fact she wants to take his retirement money and use it for wedding should’ve been the red flag. We ought to remember here we are talking about an uneducated man with an IQ  below the room temperature, and like most traditionalist he worships the ground women walk.

“Ronnie disagreed with that assessment to some degree, claiming that while he wanted Stephanie to cook and clean, he wasn’t trying to make her into a housewife. “Her hours are fucked up, that’s all,” he said.”

Here is a thing. She already has two strike again her. She does not care that all the money you save for you retirement, she wants to use it for a one big giant wedding. She will turn clean area into a mess, and expect others to clean after her.

But, let’s be honest here. He picked for sex, and he shouldn’t expect more out of it.

Stephanie, for her part, wouldn’t have it, calling herself “a career woman.”

I did google Stephanie, I can tell you she is not listed in an major filed.

What should be more concerning for him that she wants to waste all of his hard earn money, make his life living hell. He will be relegated to mere janitor. Even before marriage she stopped cooking and clean. Sex will also reduce after marriage.

The only reason he is even kidding basic level of sex because she wan’t to have kids.


I suggest to him retire peacefully, and don’t waste money on this whore.


Ronnie The Limo Driver
Ronnie And Stephanie: A Love Story?

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