Plagiarism in Hollywood

You know this world we live in is a very strange place — most of the time.

I was watching Stephen Colbert where Ben Pillat a very forgettable singer talked about his equally forgettable music album “Dear Even and one of the song he played was “For Forever”. In the interview and he talked about how he got the idea of the song.

In reality he has stolen someone’s else song!

The Entire Song is an actual copy of a Brazilian Singer’s song “Luan Santa – Te Vivo”.

In Luan songs’ he sing about his girl-friend who ended up with cancer and a a result she lost the baby — Ben’s Song is pretty much the same — expect the friend died in the end.

Now, Hollywood has been plagiarizing its own work — aptly called “remake”. Notice all the movies came after 90s. Virtually ever single one of them is a remake of a previous movies — and in some the entire dialog. Even some of the TV shows are being brought back for example Rosanne is in the process of being remake as well with the same actor.

It should not be surprising to anyone that American Singers will follow the lead and do the same thing as well, google search popular song in other countries and just translate them into English and sing it with same background music!

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