You Can’t Maintain A Relationship 

It’s getting harder and harder to talk about MGTOW, with surrounding chaos around Trump administration. 

I am no Obama supporter nonetheless he pretty much maintain normalcy we expect from governmental official.

Which bring me to my point. Relationship with the opposite sex and political party.

Imagine a relationship with a woman who throw clothes all over house. Left shoes in bedroom and right one in the living, in the mean time soak are traveling around dining table. 

You should have to explain to anyone how to maintain a house. Next words coming out of your mouth is its over and get out of my life you filthy slob.

This is why I find it amazing that ‘couples’ wasting enormous amount of money on a broken relationship. Same rules applies to our political demagogue. 

I an refering to both parties aptly known as controlled dacatomy. I mean we have seen how bad Trump administration is yet conservatives are holding on to it like drowning man a straw. 

Ann Coulter recently blamed liberals for her supporting Trump. Even though she thinks he is crook and a fascist! But that’s like blaming tick for dogs behavior. 

Neither party represents core values of its constituents yet they are busy rearranging chair while ship is sinking. 

If that’s not bad enough Sean Hannity in his Fox segment purpose a theory that Seth Rich was possibly killed because he leaked DNC email which show that Democrats party was in collusion with Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders. 

I am one of those who do believe it, however that doesn’t mean I am into UFO conspiracy theory as liberal pundent will have you believe. 

So it is is pretty amusing to see Sean Hannity going on a vacation like Bill O’Reilly. Whileat the something liberal media tilting toward ALT-Right conservative to steal viewership from Fox.

To sum it it up lesser of two evil is still evil whether its your partner or political party. Throw them in the garbage that dumpster are for.

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