Why Liberals Are Evil

Recent flood around Ontario lake’s coastal cities has everyone talking about everything but why and who caused this issued. IJC is to blame for this. They raised the water level in lake Ontario in January 2017. This was done by Obama administration under the pretext of saving environment.

IJC claimed that they added extra 2inch of water — which is a lies. But, they don’t account the fact that snow fall during winter season, and rain during spring times added well over 2 feet of water into the lakes. Which mean they added more than two feet of water into the lakes.

No Protection for Residence!

Look at the “Plan 2014”, and they will not provided any financial protection to the residence around lake and river hurt by their “environmental scams”.

Here is thing: global warming around the world is increasing water level in the ocean why the heck you would extra water around river that can hurt people. Most of these rivers are full of chemical and dangerous toxic poisons so flowing this water around wetland will only kill all the animals and bird. IJC does not mention any of this.

Here is another what many people don’t know dam used to control this huge amount of water and the river flow is called Moses-Saunders Power Dam which was build in 1954. It is a 50 years old dam, and that is an average lifespan of a dam. Most dams like Elwha Dam are remove they reached their lifespan.

So we don’t know if such a dam will be able to handle such large amount of volume. It is specially worrying because technology used to build this dam was never meant to be used for environmental purposes.

Plan was approved by Realtors and Lodgers

This plan was only approve by big companies who makes lot of money so once poor residence are push away from the area big businessmen will sweep in and take over the area and start the scam all over again.

Recreating Wetland Will Kill Animals & Birds

As one commentator pointed out

“Water levels is a relatively small issue regarding damage to the St. Lawrence River as it can be fixed by the flip of a switch. Most of the damage to the River is caused by the concentration of toxic chemicals and sewage overflows as recently documented by Environmental Advocates of New York. These are issues that Save the River (STR)consistently fail to address in any substantive manner as evidenced by their failure to even list them as issues on their website. STR can express outrage at Montreal’s dumping while ignoring dumping into lakes Erie and Ontario- both of which flow into the River. Apparently these most critical issues are neither politically safe nor convenient for STR to address in any meaningful manner. As a scientist and a person who has spent his whole life trying to protect the River, I find the neglect by STR to be unacceptable .There needs to be environmental justice for the St. Lawrence River and it appears that this will not happen given present management of Save the River.”

Here is the thing the plan does not care about the damages it is causing to the people who are living around the lakes and rivers, and to make matter worst IJC has slow down the outflow of the Saint Lawrence River preventing the extra water to be released into ocean.

So what does this has to do with Liberals?

We always see liberals talking about saving environment, and all sort of animals you probably never hard of. Yet all of this is nothing more but a deceptive fog to manipulate the emotion of the people and steal their wealth and power. Same technique is used by republicans to befuddled the mind of christian fundamentalist and blame left whenever their scams are exposed..

Once all the people are scared out of their mind they will sell their property and move to a poorer area, and coastal area will once gain be redeveloped and sell to new sucker who will go through the same drama all over again.

This is what makes liberal worst. Once can easily see republican/conservatives for what they believe — pro-white, pro christian, and traditionalist values (whatever that means),  however it’s the left who abused less advantageous people from minorities and trick them into voting against their best interest.

Despite my hatred toward liberals, I am not voting for republicans , nor will I vote or democrats. Both parties are poisonous dichotomy and controlled opposition. Voting for lesser of two evil is still evil. Therefore I will not play the game, nor should you.

Obama & Trump are nothing but puppet of their special interest group. Let’s them

Stalled regulation plan prompts ‘endangered’ designation for St. Lawrence River
Residents fear new Lake Ontario regulations causing flooding

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