Sandman is an anti-semite

Yesterday Video Sandman decided to defend racism & even went about his way to insult minorities.

An Australian blogger has given a very good answer, and with his permission I have reblog his entire post on my site.

I am only going add few things.

  • Nationalist (aka Nazi/Racist + Conservatives) are not the founder of our community
  • MGTOW is not about fight feminism
  • Anyone supporting Trump under MGTOW is an enemy of our community.
  • MGTOW is about boycotting marriages!

His response hatred towards Jews is an interesting one:

“The main issue is that the globalists don’t like nationalism because it’s all about protecting ones own unique cultural identity from immigrants coming in and refusing to assimilate into the culture.”

As it has been pointed out “Globalist” is a coded reference to Jews. Term usage came into existence when Rothschild family spread their business around Europe.


He bash immigration of minorities

Now Jews!

What more proof do you guys need?


Judging Book by it’s cover

You know the saying you can’t judge the book by its cover. This adage started around the time when books were cover with human skin – mostly remove from prisoner’s body. Such horrific practice has an actual term “ Anthropodermic bibliopegy”. It simply means binding books in human skin.

Back than superstition and incredulity were norm of the day, and naturally it creeped out lot of readers who had to hold a book cover in a human skin of a rapist, child molester, or even a serial killer. That is why the adage came into its existence.

I mean think about it;

Harry Potter book, or Gulag Archipelago cover with human skin would mostly remind of you Voldemort trying to kill Harry Potter, and reading about life of citizen of Soviet Union about mass murder, and genocide committed by communist. Hell you can you write about Mao and insane obsession about killing sparrow throughout China which destabilize with ecosystem thus resulted in famine. Anyway, you get the idea.

This is why I say modern day books, BlurRays, even music cd’s cover can give you a pretty good idea of content of the book. Come to think of if you have book cover with human skin and blacken (as was the case with medical books), you already know it’s about corpus, and part of human body and such.

You can see Sandman keep spreading hatred towards minorities.

This is only dividing men.

People like him are our enemies.

Help our community by unsubscribing him.

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