Ode to Sarah Silverman


More and more I read things written by Conservatives, further and further I am going away from their political views. In fact at this point I simply hate them with passion.

Conservatives have genocidal hatred for anything that doesn’t fit into their little pigeon hole. How dare you question “family values”, and “nuclear family”, or anything that sound like “liberal”, or heaven forbid “socialist”.

How do they explain their demand perfect roads, and lights on the street, and cops on every corner (you know to watch all those nasty black man lingering around white women). Lest we forget Latino of every stripes, and of course their favorite boogie man Muslims.

Sarah Silverman twitted that she doesn’t want to have kids — she surfer from depression, and there is a high chance that she could have pass it on to her kids.

As a responsible person she decided to forgo her desire for motherhood.

So how do Conservative treat her for making a responsible decision.

As I said before her personal choice is in conflict with their narrow minded view of “nuclear family”, and bible thumping gibberish.

It is pretty sad that our community is taken over by racist bigot and low life white supremacist, and their conservatives views.

Should minorities abandon MGTOW?


I would be best for us to fight these racist people on every corner of the world.

If these conservatives/white supremacist talk about non-white men immigration to Sweden than we should called racist for brining these extremist views and force them out of our community.

From Jewish Concentration Camps to Japanese Interment Camps, there is only one thing that needs to be done never let this happen ever again.

Whenever these White Supremacist/Conservatives cry about “white guilt” than ask them why are they forcing Muslim children born in western world to feel guilty, and why are they add every single mosque into a terrorist list?

You can’t have a cake and eat it.

Some of you may say; well what does that have to do with MGTOW.

My answer is just look at all the MGTOW top leader, sneaking Conservatives bigotry into our community.

What is StarDust/Thinking Ape is bashing Turkish men living in Germany?

Simple answer , because they are not white/eurpean.

You will never see him bashing French/Russian/or East European living in Germany.

Same thing about Sandman man, or shock jock MGTOW 101.

Our community is being poison by these conservatives and traditionalist.

We are about boycotting marriages, and that’s it.

Anyone who bring any issue into our world is our enemy.

Let’s called spade a spade.

As MGTOW are grateful for women like Sarah for making a responsible choice. If a person have medical problem that be pass over the next generation. Anyone who makes a wonderful decision like her is doing a human a favor to humanity.

I Had to Decide Between Motherhood and Living My Fullest Life

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