Chivalry is Scam!


Women like that – avoid them like plague.  In this video she cries wolf.  Men are told that don’t say nasty things about your wife over the internet. She admits on this video that she is poisoning the mind of her kids.

In case you are wondering how do men deal when their ex-wives try to smear their name?

Let’s look at the case on Judge Judy. Here is a real man who did not smear his ex-wife even though her family — as well as her were pulling him down!

She is also hurting her husband future career there by making it hard for him to financially take care kids. She even admitted that when her husband came home, and she was harassing him about making a stupid video to get more attention over the internet.

Incidentally, who is taking care of her kids who she is whoring herself over the YouTube?

Yup, babysitter (who are being paid by her husband) who he proofs to him that she is large and in charge!

Cause of her Divorce:

She is Self centered & narcissistic.

Instead of asking her husbands how he is doing, let him relax after long day work + travel.

Oooh yes “verbal abuse”.

What is verbal abuse?

When her husband came home, she wanted him to whore himself in front of camera, or watch kids, and she did not even care that he was tired after long day of work, and need to take shower, and relax!

Guess what she demand that her husband make sure that her home office “YouTube Whoring” is working. Making sure garden is cut cleaning, and other “manly duty” like changing lights, cleaning garbage bins etc!

He doesn’t wanna hand around the kids!

Well who does? The man come home, and you abuse him, terrorize him. Don’t let him unwind, and relax. No it’s about honey can you take care of the kids? This is type of nasty things women do, and turn around and blame men.

He was working all the time!

Oh jeez, if you weren’t spending all this money of made in china crap, and ballooning up his credit card bill he would have been able to work 40 hours and enjoy spending time with his family.

He was a jerk!

Let’s see — if you look at the video, you can see she got pretty much everything after divorce. We can only imagine how much free stuff she was getting.

Let’s look at the computer alone — this one has hidef camera, powerful laptop to process the video, and high-speed internet to upload the video.

She has a pretty good life. Oh by the way her husband also pay for kids summer vacation program — which means she get to spend summer in European Countries on a boyfriend’s  money.

You see guys, while is destroying her ex-husband reputation because he didn’t want to part of her things — oh by the way why could she make a video few hours after her husband came home.

Notice how insensitive she is over his feeling. Poor guy come home, he wanna take a shower, eat some food, or have a cup of tea while watching something  on the tv.

How does she care for him? She shove a camera on his face, when he is dead tired.

Remember what are his crime..

  • He wanna relax after work
  • He is not a camera whore
  • He likes to work
  • He is not into party

But forget why she divorced him!

Shouldn’t she be chivalrous?

She should be working with her husband for the future of her kids. Making sure kids get love from both parents.

But no she is a very selfish and horrible.

By badmouthing father of her kids. She is causing parental alienation. This way she garner more control over her kids. Vast majority of criminals come form home where they are raised by single mother. So don’t be surprise if you see her kids joing KKK party, or bashing blacks, and muslims to save white race or whatever.

Avoid skank like that asap.


One thought on “Chivalry is Scam!

  1. sad but he shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. Thank God I found mgtow several years ago. Best thing ever happened to me. No need to put up with that bs called marriage.


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