Borrower Slave to the Lender?


There is an actual term for people unhappy “buying” a house under mortgage. It’s called “home mortgage slave”

I cam across Darrell Lee video

He asked:

Is the borrower really a slave to the Lender? 

Proverb 22:7

The Rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.

The simple answer is yes.

The reason why I decided to respond to this video is because most people reject the notion of slavery, and a slave is someone who is chained from hand to foot, and drag into a market for some rich farmer, or ubran socialist to work for free and law prophibt him/her to seek an employment without the permission of his owner.

Without going too much philosophical.

The person in debt — this includes mortgage is also a slave to the lender.

Let look at this way. If you were living in a place where youre rent was $600, and you phone bills was $40, internet #40, Car expense around $300. You would only need to make  $30,000 a year to be happy if you owe no body nothing.

No Credit, No Slavery

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