Sandman Hypocrisy 

My blog post about Sandman brought some rejections from numerous readers.

It seems many MGTOW brothers do not consider Sandman to be a true-blue follower of MGTOW philosophy.

As someone just reminded of his old video MGTOW Monk, and negative response he got over it.

There are innumerable sites dedicated debunking Sandman videos.

I can across a blog “Debunking Sandman”.

He is also from Vancouver. He is sick of Sandman tarnishing Canadian name.

His aim is to debunk every single Sandman video. There are well over thousands of them. A herculean task, I can only wish him Goodluck.

I have been so focus on helping fellow brothers in crisis that I never realized that MGTOW is also engulf in menoshpare civil war.

I guess it was just matter of time Men’s right loons would infect our community after disseminating menoshpare and atheist community.

Now that these two legged loctus are among us, we need to sharpened up our intellectual repplant to get rid of them.

On a broder sense neither Sandman nor MGTOW 101 are helping our current predicament. If anything they are detriment to our cause.

MGTOW has been declining, those of who reject marriages may have to form new community that clearily state we reject marriage and welcome all men of all races and religion, just stick to our mission, and do not hijack our community for political and religious ideology.

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