Tradcon In Denial

A traditionalist calling himself “Robert the Great” made a response to a Sandman vlog– you know mgtow’s video making whore (just joking with ya bro!)

But seriously, doesn’t he awfully sound like Elliot Rodgers. Elliot used to go around the school praising himself in his videos.

He accused Sandman for hating women. Also made fun of his English accent. Rest of his 9 minutes video is a typical promotion about “just got to pick the right one.

Sandman is not a women hater, and most MGTOW are on marriage strike. We are not looking to reform laws. We want fellow men to stop marrying.

I would go as far as to say we don’t even blame women for current day marriage crisis. 

Think about it. If you were given a 9-5 job where you are only expected to do data mining, and you are told to feel free to finish your duty from home, and there is no deadline. You are given fix salary, and pension guarantee.

What motivation do you have for waking up early morning, getting stuck in traffic jam, and work like a dog? Courts, and Judges have given all the rights to married women in divorce court, and this includes live-in relationship. 

When women go after men assets they are only doing what any normal person would do. You take what you are given, and there is no crime in that.

So, what is the point of mgtow if not hating women?

Boycott marriages! and any form of relationship that can penalized men for opting out when relationship becomes toxic.

Let me give you another agrology.

If you went a restaurant where cook makes a really bad food, and you complained about it, and owner did nothing. Yet you continue to go there and eat, than you are the only one who is to blame. Owner of the restaurant has no incentive to remedy the situation. They are making pretty good amount of profit,  and you going there and buying food  is pretty much voting in favor of a bad cook.

This is the problem with Traditionalist (both conservatives & liberals), they want us to find a “right” women, when laws favor women during divorce. Even if a wife had a sex with another men, and ended up getting pregnant by him. She would still get her husband property, and hubby name was on birth certificate — he is going to pay child-support for next 18 years. That’s the way laws are in Western world.

Here is my advice to “Robert the Great” why don’t you get married, and when your wife divorce you — tell the judge about your arm-chair  psychology, and let see if court still let her take all of your property, and you ended up paying alimony, and child support



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