Red Flags: Nagging & Consideration


You just came home, and your soulmate — the “home maker” just dump on you all the things she thinks you should have be doing.

Nothing about “how was your day”, “was traffic jammed” just start ranting and raving as if you are an emotional tampon.

This is a red flag, and if you just got married, I suggest you walk out of that door, and never go back.

We men can be emotionally traumatized just like anybody else. If you partner doesn’t show the consideration when you came home after long day of work and you are tried of her behavior than do yourself a favor get yourself a divorce lawyer.

You have every right to sit down unwind and eat something…

Do they really think we are stupid enough to believe that house cleaning takes 12 hours a day.

What cooking recipe are they discussing when these damsel-in-distress are swirling five dollar coffee at Starbucks?

Then there is no point sticking with a selfish person like this.



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