Marriage Agreement

My best friend asked me for an advice about a marriage agreement — a very close friend.

Now he knows I am a mgtow. He likes his girl, but wonder what can he do to protect himself if relationship fail, and divorce is the only option.

I will remind everyone here, as I have to my friend.

It is not women who are at fault for divorce being a nightmare for most men. It is the law system. Government does not want to pay welfare to women with kids, and provided housing subsidies. Also lawyer and judges make money out of the mess — not to mention each unique case brings them closer to their political ambition.

It’s not for nothing mot politicians were lawyer like Bill Clinton, even Barak Obama was president of the Harvard Law before soaking his feet with democratic party.

So what kind of an advice a Mr. Mgtow can give to a Mr. Right who want to be married?

Marriage without a financial agreement is a total failure — very few women will agree to it .

Prunup is also very important.

About prenuptial agreement:

Make sure you do it before engagement. Get a lawyer, make sure you both have lawyer — and it is recorded in a video, and your lawyer confirm that she under NO PRESSURE to sign it. Also you both will

WAIT almost a year before getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This way she can’t say during divorce that she was “under pressure” trust me most prenup are overthrown if sign after engagement, or week before marriage.

Financial agreement (a must as well!)

Writer down everything on an excel sheet.

50/50 SPLIT regardless of who make more money.

If she or he can’t pay for half of the expense than shrink it down to what both you can!!!!!!!! Perhaps you should think hard if she asking/forcing to pay for – say $200 cable bill?

If your partner can not afford half of the expense than remove it from the budget. Period!

Both parties should be saving around 20% of their gross income. Putting money into a a retirement is not counted as 20%

Also if she has credit card debt, or bankruptcy than back off – and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mortgage, house insurance (or rental) cable, grocery, as well as annual travel expense will be joint If the car or cars are being used jointly same account (or each pay for his/her car)

Have another saving account with same bank where both of save enough money to survive six months if either of you lose job, or physical injury.

Buying a house:

My personal advice is that you don’t buy a house. It takes 20 or 30 years to pay off the mortgage.

Between hydro bill, housing repair, insurance, not to mention property tax, you are losing money. Unless you can rent half of the property — don’t bother.

Even so you still wanna wait at least five or even ten years before you make such decision. Divorce get messy with property.

If your down payment is over 30% of the property than it’s good — also rent the basement to offshoot expense — trust me there are lot of things come up, and you would not even think about.

Right after buying a house, my property needed a repair — even though previous owner had change the roof — repair did not have any warranty,  adn than I had a basement leakage, followed buy basement beam needing a replacement.

All of that within span of one year of buying a house. I managed to offshoot most of the loss by renting the basement — which itself require turning it into an apartment.

This also means noise reduction for first floor — new carpet — noise dampening foam etc..

Buy a bungalow with rentable basement.

What this means is you have to have at least $30,000 spare money on top of down payment + lawyer fees, and moving cost, and changing address cost etc…

Marriage is pretty stressful in the beginning — it requires “adjusting” to another person, even if you were living with them, it will go through another change after marriage.

Don’t add financial stress on top it.

Joint Expense Account:

By Joint I mean you both transfer “required” money into “expense” account, not your salary, or business profit should be in a separate account — only access by you alone.



Sometime it’s better if you have kids with someone before who are serious about having a “legally binding” marriage.

Wait two years before you have kids!

Most women “quit” job, and you will be left holding a bag of expense.


If find it intimidating discussing everything above than marriage is not for you.

Biggest failure in marriage is money so think hard and think twice.

Most of us should not get marriage period!

As for marriage don’t spend thousands of dollars, and never ever borrow money to get marriage. This include honeymoon as well.

Best marriage is those where both partner live within their means, and don’t have credit cards, or debt.

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