You Can’t Reboot Relationship


Watching X-Files reboot was a  big disappoint for me.

It sort of reminded him what I used to like and dislike about the 90s series.

Most people may not be aware but the old series was created when Clinton administration was in power. And Fox (a conservatives TV station) okayed it.

One the reason Fox authorized the series it wanted to instill feeling among public against government and hoping that it would result in Republicans gain power in future election.

When series was rebooted in 2016 Fox TV wanted public opinion to be pro government.

Although President Obama Democratic party leader was leader of USA, the congress was in the hand of Republicans.  After all if an average Joe started questioning government than they would wonder about foreign wars, they may even wonder if ter’rorism threat is nothing more but taking away our freedom, and restricting opinions etc…

Therefore, Fox TV station didn’t want public to distrust elected leaders, or question them let alone be vigilant about elected officials.

Knowing all facts I have mention above and you watch the 2016 reboot, you’ll notice the how TV pro-government. That also go for most TV show.

There is very little or anything about UFO. It’s more about terrorism, or some evil foreign enemy wanting to hurt USA. The show is nothing more but front cheer leader for pro-war mongers..

You would never see messages like “be vigilante of leaders in power”. New episode discredit conspiracy.

Now, looking into relationship. It’s same issue. You can’t reboot relationship Period…

When you reach the point where you wife/husband put hands on you. After that there is no turning back.

No amount of marriage counseling will “rebuilding” your relationship. Our relationship are like our body. When we are young we are at our prime after mid 30s, and 40s it’s downhill. You gotta watch out what you eat, cut own sugar etc…

Same rule for relationship, after a honeymoon period, you see toxic behavior this when you cut off all the ties with your partner, and move out asap.

What if you have kids?

I can assure you that will be better off if you can take care of them without fighting, and beating each other in front of them.

Don’t stay in a bad relationship because of your kids. You’re not helping them, but destroying them.




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