She is not worth it!

An infamous feminist found a man  who wants to be with her, and do anything she ask him.

Yet, she is not satisfied with him. She doesn’t want to lose him at same time she want him to do her bidding “just a bit more”…

So she asked:

“How can I communicate my needs without sounding too demanding?”

This woman remind me of an African tale from deep south; Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. When Fox finally caught the rabbit.

“Oh please Brer Fox, whatever you do, please don’t throw me into the briar patch.”


Before I start pwning her for asking this question.

Those of you who don’t know she is the infamous lady who had the four pages long list (both side) about an ideal man. She found one!

This four pages long list has 400 demands, and most of them have their sublist of their own.

For example demand #41 is further divided into A-P.

Note how she say “I want”


Did you guys notice her list, it’s “I want” nothing about giving, only taking!

I have to admit I was surprise that she found someone let alone passed her insane list. Now she wants to know if lunatic who jumped through all the hops can be humiliated even more, but not too much as to lose him…

Now what is surprising is that some one foolish enough to pass her list to be with her.

Short answer to her question is:

It’s called Covert Controlling & Bulling

On her new interview update 2016/Nov/23

She further explain how her current partner “relearning” about relationship….

Oh, did I mention she has 2 years probation period — emphasis on “period”.

Meaning no sex until Mr. Mangina have “further” evolve and approved by her friends, and family members.

Until than no sex, always pick phone, don’t delete text messages on smartphone, and spare key of house with her so she check up on him anytime.


  1. When they are sleeping together, he must bring her to an orgasm, and go to the washroom and take shower do his deed (only during shower).
  2. None of her clothes bra, pantyhose, or picture will be used for sexual pleasure.
  3. Wet towels must thrown in laundry mate, replace with new one.
  4. Washroom must be in an immaculate condition after the deed.
  5. Don’t forget to put down the toilet seat.

Oh my g-d I can’t type anymore…..


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