Divorce Update & Advice

I did not get a chance to tell everyone that my divorce has been finalized, and FREE.

I am the primary person who takes care of my kids.

My divorce drama was nasty, but it reached its conclusion in a very short time. Also, it did not financially drain me too much — still cost over $10,000.

I will continue to help anyone who wants divorce.

Even this depressing election did not dim my happy mood. I will also expand this blog to add few other subjects as time goes by.

Right now my simple advice is this. If relationship is toxic, and physically abusive leave the place ASAP, and file for divorce no matter how much it’s gonna cost you.

Violence in relationship is an end of the road. Even if your partner apologize, and talked about “counselling” just leave, leave, and leave.

Don’t bother staying for kids. Kids do worst when they stay parents fighting rather than helping kids in their struggle, and help them achieve something in their life.

You can do better, you are better, and therefore you deserve better.


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