Post Election Era

As USA Election came to its conclusion, I have been wondering of it’s outcome.

I was raised as conservatives, and as a result I brought up pretty uptight about numerous things, religion, culture, etc. However, being raised in an open society give helps you developed your own personality.

I was lucky that my parents did not force me to mold into their way of life.

Part of me will always be conservatives, nonetheless, I lean more are less towards liberal way of life.

When it comes to national security I am very conservatives — that we ought to mind our business. If two middle-eastern countries are fight among themselves them let’s them. Don’t expect me to waste my time, and my resources to bring peace for them at my expense, nor do I want to see my fellow country men dying on behalf of Israel.

How many enemies did we have in middle-east before we start support Israel?

None! In fact Arabs use to thanks us for saving them from European Empire. Now thanks to bloodshed done to save Israel we have become the target of their hatred.

Conservative were not warmongers in the past. Now someone going to middle-east is some sort national duty. Anyway that’s where I disagree with Republicans, no more fighting for anyone expect our national interest.

Anyway, Democrats have their own issue. They are a party without any strong ideology. They want to talk about protecting minorities, working class. Yet when big businessmen who are moving their factories to other countries, they did nothing about it.

How can they talk about protecting blue-class, and poor minorities when they jobs are going away to offshore land, and they same rich businessmen (who are mostly conservatives) don’t even have to income tax, yet they make millions of dollars.

What is sad about this who thing that most of the people who have lost jobs are card carrying conservatives, and neither party of want to help them. Democrats can openly point out about these things yet they don’t.

Our political system is broken, not much can be done to fix it.


How do I feel about Trump? As a minority I don’t feel good, but also as a minority I feel used and abused by democrats. If we minority need to vote in election perhaps we ought to have our own party, and give our vote to who ever will cater toward our needs, and listen to our pain and misery. Let’s not fool ourselves with two party shell game.

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