Shackles Beyond Divorce

My ex resumed outside-the-home work when the oldest child started college. Now my ex is earning over $100,000 a year and has no mortgage on our former marital home. So I’m sure she can support herself.

Now I just learned, years after our children finished college, that nine years ago, my ex married her longtime live-in male friend. My ex did not invite our children to her wedding ceremony, nor tell them or me about her remarriage. But she kept cashing my alimony checks. No doubt, if I died, she’d have kept the insurance money, too. What steps can I take now?”

Men who have to pay alimony get stuck with additional financial responsibility of an adult woman who in most case can get a decent job, and can even have a reasonable career.

Yet most cases Judge look the other way, and do not care. Sadly, when same man marry another woman she will be financial punish because of his previous relationship. Talk about collective punishment!

Story in Newspaper is about a man who got stuck with alimony of an ex-wife who quietly married her boyfriend. She was collecting alimony for years yet Government did nothing about it.

You know if ex-husband forget to pay child-support, or alimony he driving license can be revoke. Yet in this modern day of information highway, one government agency computer can not communicate with another department.

I mean marriage certification department should have gotten the information that she is divorced, and collecting alimony. As soon as she got married, her ex-husband should have been informed of her status change thereby he would not have go through this mess all over again.

We should not waste our time, money trying to change marriage laws, divorce scam, or even alimony reform. We should just boycott marriage altogether.

It is a biggest scam of the century. It is nothing more but a modern day financial slavery.


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