Indian Men Right Writer Bashing Minority Women


I created this website to talk about male rights, however the way things are in this world. We sometime have to divert our attention to talk about much broader subject.

Screenshot above is from NDTV’s article, you can see the link as well as the whole article. Now, those of you who are unable to read Hindi this article pretty much talk about Hillary Clinton’s email. Like most 3rd world media with added spice, and in this case enough curry that it will be oozing out of your hair for weeks.

Here is a google translation so you guys can see for yourself. It’s not perfect but you get the jest of it. Keep in mind I do not support Hilary, nor do I support Trump.


Huma Abedin is born in USA, her parents are from India & Pakistan. However, article implies that she is born in Pakistan, as well as she is a Pakistani ally. It is ironic to note that she was married to Anthony Weiner — a Jewish man!

It’s pretty sad. When we see this sort of outright lies, and by a major media. What it is even sadder that the writer of the article is a “Man Rights” promoter. He is an Indian version of a full blown racist, and complete scumbag.

Even after three divorces, and nearly went to jail when he tried to bash his last wife (9th months pregnant!). This nincompoop went about to get married again! Most of you would not be surprise that his forth wife after spending two days with him is still living with her parents.

Now he wants to represent Indian Men, and abuse they are going through during divorce. We can not win this war as long as we have these type of loon, and scumbag in our midst.

Let’s expose them into the light so we can move forward.


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