Solution to cyber espionage: Talking & Sharing Feelings


A Political Analyst was asked how to stop Russian Cyber Attack

We have to do psychological not technological!


I know most of you guys are sick and tired of US election, however, some of us who have to vote – or still have not decided yet, have to weight in all the fact before cast our vote in ballet.

Recently Russia retaliate against mighty American political machine by revealing sexting message of “Anthony Weiner” (oh the irony of his name). He was sending sexually erotic messages to a school girl while sitting next to his baby boy. Well, than it got worse he used his wife laptop – a civilian computer for state & sex related activity.

Thanks to Russia this is bubbling up to the point that FBI has to look into this!

Putin is engaged in this cyber war due to American interfering in Russian Political dominion – à la Ukraine & Syria.

The “expert” than goes on further with her example that American were able to stop China same way by forcing political mumbo jumbo.

Totally false, China during Bush & Obama administration was able to steal enough technological secret that now they have their own GPS system beidou, and even sent robots to moon.

Just because Chinese are not boosting it doesn’t mean they have stop. She should have read Art of War, with Chinese it’s a chess game, not macho neanderthal chest beating.

Think about it. If you are a powerful country like China, and have a means to do cyber espionage why would you stop?

Remember Tiananmen Massacre? Bunch of flower power wanna be hippy were rolled into tank by Chinese military. Talking, and song didn’t stop them than why would it now? Specially now that they have trillions of dollars?


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