Divorce Advice: Delete That Number!


Drunk dialing, we all have done it. This is why once you break up. Delete all of your ex contact info from your phone, outlook, and land line phone. Not just her, her family, relatives, etc.

When going through divorce, you don’t want to give your ex any more ammunition than she already has. This type of behavior can result in losing custody of kids, and even going to jail.

In California, a drunken man called his wife during a nasty divorce. His wife lawyer played that tape and he lost most of property, access to his kids, and he had to a second bank to pay back end alimony — and it is a lifetime alimony!

  • Never carry a phone when you know that you’re going to get drunk.
  • Use pattern lock – and make the invisible so it is hard to use when drunk
  • Due to kids you need to be in contact keep it in odl school text book, and lock the drawer!
  • Go with your friends in bar so don’t end up taking taxi to her house!
  • Finally, just don’t get drunk during divorce, it’s hard, but price is too high for such mistake

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