Men Right Meeting Review

Tonight, I went to a Men Right’s Group here in Quebec, Canada. I went with my neighbor who is from France. He is a self proclaim white nationalist. He wants all the Arabs, Blacks, Feminists, and other minorities out of Europe. He moved to a Canada because his marriage ended badly. He does not know if he is the biological father of two kids. In France it is illegal for Men to do a paternity test without mother consent.

I have no problem with his personal believe, he is civil to me, and so am I. This summer we renovated our backyard, and used our experience to get some project and made some money. We men can work as a team, and overcome our emotion with logic, and reason.

However, “white supremacist” are like nut case religious fanatic, “my race is a true race therefore colored men must die”. White nationalist can work with other races, as was done during WWII, German, Turkish, Japanese joined forces against English. South Asian also supported German alliance against British Empire for their freedom. I hope you can see the difference.

Upon arrival, 1st thing we noticed; bouncers were stopping people who came in comic costumes like Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Crow, Batman, and Superman to hide their identity. I believe Sandman mentioned in one of his video that he did that too.

When some of these guys protested, a women came out of the hallway, and said “we don’t want cowards!”

One guy in the meeting commented on women’s nature. A female host retorted “there is no such thing as misandry”, and same guy replied said than there is no such thing as misogyny – one cannot exist without the other. After a brief pause another lady from the panel called the security, and guy was asked to leave.

We are the second largest country in the world. Yet we men don’t have a single space, not a single god damn place to talk about our pain and sorrow, these “damsel in distress” always invade our space dictate what we can and cannot say.

These English speakers white were using French province as a hideout so Feminist from Ontario will not protest. A la Toronto’s popular slut walk.

I simply hate extremist and white terrorist who wanna kill me because of my race, meanwhile they sit on a stolen land.

We men are like frog in a boiling pot instead of helping each other to escape from an imminent threat we are trying to kill each other in an already toxic environment. Meanwhile chief leisurely slice herbs to decorate our bodies.

The whole meeting was a surreal mixture of stupidity and decay.

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