Married Men & MGTOW


Being married means you are willing to take a risk to build a family, which means being a husband, father, and grandfather.

MGTOW men reject marriage, because it legally binds men to share their wealth, property, and provide financial support to their ex-wives (in some case for lifetime like California). Due to this risk, they are willing stay single and remain eternal bachelor for rest of their life — that is until law are change and they totally fair toward both gender.

MGTOW is a community that reject marriage, and any form of relation that can result in a financial and legal penalty.

Look at the most popular organizations like Knight and monk. Their religious facade can be interpreted as a tacit shelter to avoid marriage.

Concept of MGTOW may sound like a fairly new idea. However, this is an old idea going back to thousands of years. Unlike the past now we have a label. We are gathering under the same umbrella. This has given a chance to share our personal story, and help others with likeminded ideas to avoid the mistake we have made, and shoot for the star.




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